I am a planner, strategist, and writer with experience working in fast moving e-commerce environments on two continents.

I enjoy taking data and turning it into executable narrative, breaking down complex problems into simple stories, and implementing systems and strategies that move an organisation forward.

I'm in love with technology. I've taught myself how to build websites (like this one) from scratch, and I'm working on a number of web based side-projects.
Ask me about them some time.

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Groupon South Africa // Head Of Strategy & Planning

November 2015 - November 2016

I originally joined Groupon SA to head up the Travel & Getaways vertical, but soon after made the move to Strategy & Planning.

This role saw me take on the management of a team of 9 employees, tasked with planning out and optimising each of Groupon South Africa's pages. My focus in this role was around creating robust growth strategies to achieve various revenue and category mix targets, while ensuring the team remained informed, motivated, and productive. Strategies ranged from reworking the commercials of a particular category, to implementing time saving systems and processes.

On the BI front, I worked with an analyst to clearly define the metrics, KPIs and OKRs that made the business tick, and made this data available and visible through various reports and dashboards. This data was used to make decisions across the business.

You can read my thoughts on Groupon South Africa closing down here.

Yumbi // Head Of Marketing

November 2014 - November 2015

Being a start up, my day to day at Yumbi was varied, involving contact with all spheres of the business. I focused on three major areas:

- Developing the Yumbi white label offering into a coherent B2B brand message. This involved hosting workshops, creating collateral, liaising with agencies and providing feedback to the product development and operations teams.
- Growing awareness for the customer facing food court at This involved creating and executing a full spectrum marketing and sales strategy, heavily focused on digital.
- Establishing internal systems and reporting. This involved choosing and implementing a CRM, workflow manager, team communications tool and marketing automation tools, as well as defining key metrics, setting KPI's, and creating reports that gave performance visibility to key stakeholders across the business.

Groupon Australia // Marketplace Planner

January 2013 - November 2014

During my two years at Groupon Australia I predominantly worked within the Strategy & Planning team. I started at Groupon in an entry level position as a sales coordinator, performing admin support for sales. I was quickly promoted to the position of Planning Analyst for the QLD region, and then a year later I was promoted to Strategy Manager for Groupons newly founded Marketplace team.

Working closely with the Head of Inside Sales, I provided strategic guidance for Groupon's Marketplace team as they worked to build a long tail of inventory, filling in the gaps left by our larger suppliers . This role was all about data - finding the narrative hidden in the numbers, and using that story to train, guide and focus the team, while providing reporting visibility for executive management.

This role also involved researching and understanding the group buying industry in Australasia, SE Asia and Internationally - studying emerging trends, identifying growth opportunities and communicating industry best practice to the company at large.

Hillside // Youth Pastor

January 2009 - December 2012

As a young 20-something I was a full time employee of Hillside, while studying. I got to work with hundreds of teens across 10 local schools, facilitating and managing camps, events and social justice initiatives. It was here that I learnt the art of public speaking, often presenting to audiences of more than 500 people.

B.Comm Economics

2012 - University Of South Africa

Matric Distinction
Head Boy

2005 - Hillcrest High School

SQL & Data Visualisation

Turning numbers into meaningful narrative is important to any data-driven organisation. I am proficient in writing SQL queries, and have worked with a number of data visualisation tools, notably:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Microstrategy


From Macros to Index-Match, I know my way around Excel. It's my go to for any quick data manipulation needs, as well as day-to-day reporting and analysis.

People Management

I have had the privilege of leading various teams throughout my career, most notably in my previous role at Groupon South Africa, where I was responsible for 9 reports. I enjoy watching people come together to accomplish a shared goal. One-on-one's, personal development plans and carefully thought out KPIs matter to me.


I communicate best through the written word. In my personal life, writing helps me to sort through my thoughts and process things around me. In my professional life, writing helps me to communicate complex ideas in a clear, relatable fashion. You can read some of my writing here.


I've worked with and set up a number of cloud based systems, solving for a wide range of eCommerce needs, from workflow management to marketing automation. Notable mentions include:

  • Google Apps (from Gmail to the Maps API)
  • Salesforce
  • Podio
  • Freshdesk
  • Zendesk
  • Intercom


I have a keen understanding of the development process, having worked closely with the dev teams at both Yumbi and Groupon. I've taught myself various technologies, and I know my way around the basics of the frontend (HTML, CSS, various javascript frameworks), and server side (NodeJS, PHP), as well as relational (Teradata, SQLServer, MySQL) and NoSQL (Mongo, Couchbase) databases.

On my off days, I'll be surfing, writing, or hanging out with my wife and daughter.